preserve your digital legacy and protect your online footprint with your own autonomous contracts

The amount of personal online data that we generate is staggering. Hundreds of accounts for various tools and services, from social media channels to bank accounts and magazine subscriptions. But what happens when you are no longer available? How do you preserve the memories that matter, whilst ensuring that certain people have access to various systems that you would have otherwise wanted to keep private?


The first of our products provides self-managed private social profiles, which can be shared with specific people at specific times, under specific conditions. Grant various degrees of access to different people or only allow access should multiple people request together.


Establish your own timeline of important events that you want people to remember rather than allowing social media to dictate it for you. Grant access to specific sections at specific times.


Manage your own autonomous agents, able to send private messages on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Continue conversations indefinitely, staggered by specific events.


Let people access information when they need it most. Generate unique access keys, which can be freely traded, timelocked or otherwise only accessible under certain circumstances.


Our second product is designed to act a little like an insurance policy, but is specifically programmed to handle your digital files - whether they be personal images or videos, passwords to private accounts or any kind of crypto-asset. Shared at the time you are no longer able to.


Store structured data such as encrypted passwords and other instructional information within a wide selection of public blockchains.


For larger media files, we utilize the decentralized interplanetary file system and simply store routing links within the public blockchains.


We provide native support for a wide selection of crypto-currencies and other assets built upon standards such as ERC20 snd ERC721.


Our third and final product is a customized solution that works in collaboration with existing trusts, wills and teastement services - designed to act as a bridge between the physical and digital realms.


Smart contracts provide a way for digital assets to be automatically dispersed - with a level of guarantee unmatched in the real world.


By utilizing a series of distributed & decentralized networks - we introduce self-sovereignty whilst removing any single point of faliure or attack.


Live life with the certainty that your wishes will be respected - no matter what. No judgement, censorship or resistance can be applied.